Sure Foundation Ministries, Inc.

Apostle,  Dr. Wendell & Co-Pastor, Hilda Davis came to Lawton, Oklahoma in 1998, at the time; he became the Assistant Pastor of Harvest Time Church.  After many days of prayer and fasting, the Lord sent him on a retreat, with the military to Fort Shaft, Arkansas on 12 April, 1999 for three weeks.   During that time,  he was in the Laundromat alone and distinctly heard the voice of the Lord speak. He looked around and did not see anyone around but himself.  He heard this voice again, saying, “A New Vision I will give into your spirit.” Hours seem like seconds. He gave at that time Apostle, Davis received the vision to start a Ministry. 

           Having no idea it would be called Sure Foundation Ministries, the Vision has no connection with any other Ministry or Church in which he served.  When God spoke to Apostle, Davis, he said all things will become new.  So with the help of a few saints in Lawton, Sure Foundation Ministries of Lawton, Oklahoma was birthed on 5 May, 1999.  The Ministry had its first service on 9 May, 1999 and Sure Foundation Ministries, Inc. of Lawton, Oklahoma was founded on 8 October, 1999 by  following organizational committee below.   

          The members of the organizational committee who were present at the first meeting were,  Elder Wendell L. Davis, Elect Lady, Hilda G. Davis, Sister Tonya Crosby, Sister Jai Cutler, Sister Debra Williams, and Sister Tracy Bedford.