Dr. Wendell Davis' vision is to reach out and minister to the young, old, hungry, homeless, ill, those in nursing homes, teens, widows/widowers, battered women and men to reach all who need to know the love of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to reaching out beyond the four walls of the edifice and into small towns, cities, rural communities, or wherever there is a need.
 Our vision is to help lost souls find Christ and offer a ministry that welcomes everyone regardless of what they have been through.  

The focus of this ministry is to minister to those that are lost so that they can know the love of Jesus Christ.  God gave Bishop a vision to have a ministry that is a Non-Denominational and acknowledges all and that reaches out to all.  

This ministry is not here to change people but rather to help bring people to Jesus and to step back and to let God do the changing.  

 In this Vision God told Bishop to take the Word to all nations and as such, we're International Non-Denominational Ministry.  We will make contact throughout the world, and we will begin making international contact with our web page that has been established to spread the Word of God.

The Vision is not interested in having the largest membership but is interested in reaching out to the largest number of individuals.  Finally, we are not here to judge others, but we are here to reach out to the world with AGAPE love, which is the unconditional love that Christ freely gives us.

Apostle, Dr. Wendell L. Davis, Presiding Bishop

Founder of Sure Foundation Ministries,  Inc.
Sure Foundation Ministries, Inc.
Vision Statement